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Do you have good writing skills and sound knowledge of Erection Related Health Condition – Viagra or its substitutes? If yes, then you are warmly invited to share your wonderful content on Viagra8purchaseonline ‘s blog.

Who we are

Viagra8purchaseonline is a website dealing in Erection Dysfunction, Low Libido in Both Male & Females, Married Sexual Life Condition and many more Sexual health conditions via, Medically as well as Naturally. By writing blogs we provide relevant information that might be useful to the users. Earlier Viagra8purchaseonline blog was maintained by its Viagra8 Team only but now we are inviting all the industrial as well as blogger experts in this domain and are willing to write guest post on our website blog.
We accept Guest Post on any of the following or related topic from the list given below. However you can also send us additional related topic ideas via Email, the Interested and Selected topic will be informed to you on email. Afterward, you can send us your masterpiece.

Topics :

01 Viagra Tips
02 Viagra Case Studies
03 Viagra Benefits
04 Erection Dysfunction (ED)
05 Erection Dysfunction Treatment
06 Erection Dysfunction Pills
07 Erection Dysfunction Causes
08 Increase Sex Life
09 Boost Sexual Life Tips
10 Women Libido
11 Viagra & Its Substitutes

Guest Post Submission Guidelines:

01 Article Quality: Quality of your Artcile is one of the major factor we consider while acception guest posts.

Points To Be Consider To Maintain Quality of your Article:

01 Article Length should be atleast 600 - 1200 words.
02 Article Should be genuine (no plagiarism).
03 Article Should be informative.
04 Article must not seem promotional.
05 Article should not contain any irrelevant information or outdated information.
06 Article must not be about self-branding of your or 3rd party business.
07 Must not have any affiliate links.
08 Article should follow the legal policies.

What Will be the credits You Get For Submitting Your Article?

01 We truly appreciate your contribution and for that, you are allowed to add your own bio just below the article or of anyone you have taken reference from. Even if you are using someone else images you are free to give them credts as well as each and every individual hard work matters to us.
02 Backlinks: While sending your article, you are allowed to add upto two Do Follow links in the article.
03 Media: Article need to be having between 3-5 images or you can even add a video. Images should be of high quality.

What Should be the Format of Submitting Guest Post?

You can attach your MS WORD File along with your images on email. Don’t forget to anchor your website link on keywords and images should be named in serials number in which serial they should be posted.

Terms & Condition:

Viagra8purchaseOnline reserves the right to amend your content accordingly and free to share your content on various social media platforms without any royality. Viagra8purchaseOnline also have the right to deselect your article with confrontation that your data will not be posted on the website and will be safely returned to you if it doesnot fulfill anoy of our above-mentioned quality parameters. Along with that, you are also suggested not to share the same content you submitted on our website to anywhere else otherwise it won't be flowing any seach engine optimization benefits.
Feel Free To Send Your Topics or Articles Or Ideas at
Note: It may take up to 3-5 days to give your Topic Ideas approval due to no. of submission. Kindly be patient and donot submit your same article anywhere else.

To get ideas about what kind of content we accept kindly go thorugh our blog section and read our previous blogs it will assist you in choosing the relevant topic and hence saving yours as well as our’s time.

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