What Should be your Sex Goals?

Are you confused with the term what are sex goals? In the present scenario of the 21st century, we are so messed up in our daily hectic life that we forget that there is something with the term “SEX” even exists. And if you have a baby then your situation is just getting started.

Real Relationship Goals for New Year

The first common reason to avoid being with your partner in bed is usually because of drained energy level, people are left with at the end of the day. And remaining energy is thrown into several distractions like Kids, Computer, TV etc. This distraction of kid and all take the shape of responsibility and this responsibility becomes an excuse for not being working on achieving the sex goals.
An intimacy goal sometimes sounds like this exactly: A very long and distant objective seems just like a dream that you wanna achieve in your boring life. Well, first we need to clear this difference, only then the victims (both male and female) will be able to revive or relive an amazing daily sex life.
You need to start it by crafting a vision you want to live by stating - how is perfect sex life looks like according to you? The more detail you can get, the better or easy it would be for you to paint a picture in your mind - Sometimes this is the only thing that keeps the couple stays together when facing harsh life.
One thing you need to remember is to make small and possible task while crafting a vision which needs to be sound like a more realistic & possible approach which can be executed easily. As the thought of having sex twice in a week suddenly from no sex zone will not be gonna achieve so easily. Plus you don’t need to limit your vision of having sex twice a week only.
You can do that by showing some affection to your partner each and every day through non-sexual contact etc. This can be like anything from a kiss on the cheek or squeezing of the bum. Once you feel like your mini mating goals look like now your unconscious habit only then you need to move to a next mini sex goal.
It’s gonna take some time, it won't be like instant gratification. You need to give some time as you are about to build some new habits which are gonna last for a lifetime and will be curing you of this disease once and for all.
Then the next step for you is to put your mini sex goal into action. Now it will take you back to the initial stage of your honeymoon and will give you a sense of “Things are under control”. Well, all this put you and your partner to a more focused and enthusiasm for this new idea.

However don’t get back to your old boring sex routine after hazing effects wear off. This will put you to a stage of helplessness. Just keep repeating your mini sex-goals. This will help you in building a bond between you and your partner which results in better communication. In which you are fully able to tell each other about your needs and desire etc.

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