How To Improve Vagina’s Lubrication & Fertility?

Looking for ways to Improve the Vagina’s Lubrication, Fertility, and Ph Balance? Many Girls, asked us – Earlier they used to get wet, but recently even after feeling their partners touch they just can’t get wet. So how they can increase the flow of juices again.


So, the very first thing strikes, what could be the reason in women for undergoing decreasing of lubrication? Or How wet is actually wet enough for you? Well, there are some reasons which might be at work. Let’s see:
For that, you need to understand the process of orgasm. There are four stages of sexual response that comes into play, i.e, Arousal, Plateau, Orgasm, and resolution. All these 4 have to come to play in order to get an orgasm. Now according to these, there is a list that might be the reason for this problem and what you can do to overcome this problem:
1. Lots of Stress: Stress could be one of the reasons which are affection women ability to lubricate. Apart from stress, you might also see this happens as increasing age, or due to rise and fall in your hormones level.
2.  Undergoing Medication: Switching your medication can also cause vaginal dryness as a side effect.
3. Time For Some Fantasies: If sexual touching, kissing and fondling is not sufficient. Then Its time for a change try to do all this in a non-sexual way to enable you getting aroused fully. Still Not working, then how about trying a new position or toy you once dreamed of playing with. Or maybe a night fully devoted to oral sex only- Kissing all over the body and stroking two holes at a single time will look like a lot of sensational stimulation. Plus, keep in mind of your erogenous zones, that craves attention too.
4. Try Oral Sex before getting on the intercourse part. Make sure that your clitoris, labia, shaft and clitoral, gets a lot of tongue action. Plus, keep using of your partner's finger inside you on your G spot for an amazing G-spot orgasm. Some women find themselves even ejaculating during intense orgasms. Then you should move to the intercourse part.
5.  Intake Healthy Diet: Your diet plays a very important factor too. Try to eat a healthier diet composed of low cholesterol food and lots of fruits and green vegetables and drinking more water. This type of diet will help you all of your functions in progress and boost your sex life too! Don’t forget to take vitamins like zinc, which helps women in better lubrication.
6.  Regular Sex: The regular you have sex, the better the juices keep flowing. How often you have sex also affects your lubrication level.
Other factors that affect your arousing and lubrication ability are sleep, drugs, lack of exercise, hormones level etc. But don’t worry you need to make some changes in your daily lifestyle and keep monitoring -Did you get any benefit from that change? This will help you in pinpointing what could be the reason for decreasing your lubrication level. Will take time but you will pinpoint your culprit in some time.

In the meantime, you can use some water-based lubricants. It will help you with comfortable penetration. Available in different flavors which you can add to your collection as well. Try something different, something new- that’s what sex is all about – Keep Exploring.

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