Best 5 Ways To Help You With Too Exhausted for Sex Situation

Do You Know Recent studies find “Many of us are too tired for sex”?  One in four married or living with a roommate said – they are so sleep deprived that they are so much tired to have sex most of the times. Given below are some out of the many reasons causing & solving these low love life situations:
reasons for exhausted sex life and solutions

1.   Fatigueness: Fatigue is one of a major reason for most of the couples to avoid sex. However, it has been seen as well that 20% of couple drop their sexual desire – 10 times per year. This not only happens because of tiredness, as when couples get out of their habits of being sexual, they also drop a very important chance of intimacy, pleasure, building connection, closeness to each other etc.
2.   Health and Wellness: You also need to look at your health and at the same time making promises that you will find a way to your tiredness, to enjoy your good sex life again. For that, you need to check your diet and your weight, your daily protein intake is sufficient or not? Not only that are you having proper 7 hours sleep a night? Taking care of all these small things can make a major difference in your energy level and hence more interest in more energetic sex life.
3.   Management: You need to manage your time at home better, for that you may even need your partner help. You might need to get your children to bed early. One needs to take some responsibility of more tired one, so that he/she can have a bath to relax. Give yourself some time to feel relax and when sex happens it won’t happen like another household chore needs to be done. Plus who says you only need to have sex at night. If you choose to have sex only at midnight on a regular basis, then, of course, you are gonna prefer a peaceful sleep over sex.
4.   10 Min Mantra: If you are feeling tired or not in the mood to have sex, then its time to do 10 min mantra. According to science, half population feels horns and want to have sex. While other half is just the opposite until unless they start kissing and touching and fooling. You have to do just the same, once you stick around and you will feel yourself going more into it.
5. Take a Vacation: Small vacation like on weekends can jumpstart your exhausted sex life. Have fun, romance with your loved ones. Even spending quality time on a vacation will help you in havings lots and lots of sex on vacation.

With keeping these 5 tips in your mind and following these drill. You will definitely feel the difference and rebooting and keep your married life successful and happy. 

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