Does Doing Exercise Boost Testosterone Level?

Do you worry about your partner low t level? Does Working out can really increase testosterone level in a man? Well, it totally depends on the exercise you are doing. But then another question arises, depends upon which exercise?

In general terms, weights lifting is very well known source in releasing testosterone hormone. As muscle growth is only possible because of the presence of this hormone. Whereas excessive running or cardio or even workout do have a negative effect on testosterone. As it puts your body under a lot of stress, which results in releasing the hormone called cortisol.

Cortisol another hormone which has an adverse affect on T hormone i.e., if High Cortisol means Low Testosterone. Even research and study came to the point person who runs regularly have lower T level than an average person.

Then Which kind of exercise you should focus more?

If you want to enhance your T level via exercise then given below are some exercise that can help you get what you are looking for. Follow these simple guidelines.
1.   Try to Give Focus on Big 6 Compound Exercises i.e., incline bench press, chin ups, barbell rows, deadlift, free as well as weighted squats, Overhead. As these exercises are directly correlated with your muscle tissue. The More you stimulate the more there would be a chance of releasing testosterone.
2.   Try to getting stronger in stages. Try to do a set of 6-10 reps. As strength can be gained if efficiently perform lower rep sets.
3.   Try not to go beyond your limit. Don’t push your limits too hard to accept. Try to increase the weights a bit every week. Overdoing can put your body under stress and resulting in releasing cortisol instead of T hormone.

Doing the above-mentioned exercise will not give a lift your testosterone levels up but also building muscles. If that what you are looking for. 

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