Things You Might Not Know About Masturbation

Whenever this very term “Masturbation” comes many of us lower their eyes, as they have committed a crime. Why so much shyness, you are not doing anything wrong. Apart from its benefits, there are some things associated with masturbation which you might now know you get from this.

Some say doing masturbation give some - benefits, some say them Advantages, but I say- Miracles. After reading what they are you will start calling self-pleasing a magic mantra for all your body overall working. And out of many, 4 miracles which you might not know about doing masturbation or self-pleasure are given below:
1.   Relief from pain- Most of the people don’t relate satisfaction from sex with relief one from the pain, which is actually a shame. After some research, its reason came out i.e., whenever a person masturbates it triggers some release of the hormones that work as a miracle from minor headaches to sore joints, cramps etc. Although the fun doesn’t last when we talk about migraines (even in some people, it relieves them whereas in some it doesn’t). Still, its worth a try and will let you see benefits you will get, which you did not know you will get from self-pleasing activities earlier.
2.   Improves sex with your partner- There a huge contradict on this one as some says, masturbation can improve your sex life with your partner and lead to a healthy romantic partnership, whereas for some sex educators, masturbation is the root cause for the cornerstone of all sexual acts. But if we talk about its benefits then it will be - If you give some time to your body to know better than you will know what makes you reach an orgasm or not, which will further give you the advantage of telling your partners what action you like or don’t. Even if you try practice of mutual masturbation with your partner, you might find out or know new doors what makes your partner wet or more, hence better understanding.
3.   Part of our life: Why shy, everybody does it and everyone doing it. Even according to latest WebMD survey, 95% males and 90% females agreed they masturbate at least once in their lifetime and might not know of its advantages. Whereas 25% of males and 21% of females reported that they masturbate more than once in a month, according to a survey from Indiana University. Although we don’t talk about it, most of us have already done it and many of us are doing on a regular basis. So whoever is worried or ashamed of doing masturbation, just don’t. You are not committing any crime.
4.   Quality sleep- If stress is depriving you of the night, then don’t worry. You just happened to know that there another thing which you did not know about masturbation i.e., it works like a sweet medicine. Masturbation is very well known due to its one of the most effective solution for both stress and insomnia. Even studies showed 42% of women found masturbation helped them in falling asleep. Alike pain relief hormones, there a release of Oxytocin and endorphins which shift a person from stress to calm state and who know it can add some great dreams too.

Seeking self-pleasure is the one innately things for human beings. It can make you feel good about yourself and to your body. 

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