Study Finds Men Are Too Tired For Sex

Recently, NY Times reported something interesting with Title- Study Finds Men Are Too exhausted for sex”. One in the four people in the population suffering from the same. Well,if you one of them then don’t worry here are given some tips below which might can help.

·       Depression: If you are too drained not only for sex but also for everything and everyone else you once feel enjoyed, then it might be because you are experiencing depression which can also result in sleep deprivation or make you unable to sleep. So in order to treat your sex life, we need to first encounter your depression.  Its treatment also varies like some some need to undergo through some medicines, while some can regain their joy via. Undergoing through some therapy which includes few changes in exercise, diet and adequate sleep 
·    Hormones Imbalance: Hormones plays a very vital role in your daily sex life. Testosterone is that hormone which controls large part of your LIBIDO. So, this is the first thing from where you should start searching the reasons for. For men, a urologist is the ones to check your T Level where females should visit ob-gyn.  Who knows a simple medical treatment can put you back on track to a healthy life.
·       Too Much Exercise: Exercise are known for improving your sex life by making you fit enough for any physical as well as mental activity. But exercising in excess can also even wear you out. As experts say, at least 30 min of exercise one should do every day. Fit people are not limited to this time and hence can do more than that in a day. But if you are pushing too much yourself till you found yourself on the ground or going for a particular cause, then you need proper guidance of your coach to guide you- When you should take breaks and conserve energy for other tasks as well. Even sex in itself is a fitness activity.
·       Fatigue: If you are tired for months and even sleeping for hours does not refresh you, that means you could have chronic fatigue syndrome. This health condition is at its vilest by draining all of your energy and making you slow down to use about half of your capabilities at the end of the day. Which directly lead a person to tired sex. But Don’t worry we do have solution for this one as well, remember you sex life is flexible. You can try to be with your partner during any time of the day you feel you are at your best., even if that what you feels in the early morning. Good sex don’t wait for time and can happen anytime, anywhere. Along with that you can also see your doctors for medical treatment.
·       Unable to Sleep: Sleep and sex both shares a very strong relation. Even study of 800 men stated those who snored a lot often had the less satisfying sex life, although their sexual function works perfectly. Adressing the problem that keep you awake can be the reason for your tireness and hence wasted sex whether it is because of snoring or simply not enough sleep. If you can address these, you can lead yourself to a better sex life.  

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