Should you share your Sexual past with your husband?

Are you Waking up at night and finding yourself in the dilemma – whether you should tell your husband about your sexual life or not? This thought crosses everyone at some time.

Marriage is a sacred bond where one promises another to be together in this as well as another life. Getting married to someone means sharing your body as well as your soul. Which also means uncover knowledge about each other for years to come. So, it is obvious to uncover your sexual secrets as well. But if someone has an experience of hearing these secrets too often, for them, I want you to take extra precautions before revealing your sexual past life.
Well, some women in the name of sharing secrets share too much stuff about their old lovers, their preference, positions, threesome and private parts stuff. But all these truths sharing became so pandemic these days, that you life partners starts to think you are really a someone else business, judging only on the fact you did five or 10 years ago.
But you can trust me – you are not a business of others. Everyone plays intimacy games (Games where one share a secret only if other tell theirs) at your own risk. Well, true intimacy has nothing to do about revealing your truth. It's about circumspection.
What happens actually when you share all this? When you bring up your sexual past it doesn’t only bring memories, you also bring the deep competition, jealousy and threat factors with it. It happens, we all think we are too moderate for anything to accept but our emotions are not. For instance, your husband tells you the same, his first love was finest women in North America? Was that you really wanted to hear? So why he would be more interested to know you had multiple orgasms with your bisexual yoga trainers too?
Girls you need to consider this very carefully. As sharing these secrets might turn into a never-ending stomach ache. So why putting questions in your partner head that remains in his mind about your sexually attractive yoga teacher etc? Please, Don’t get confuse yourself with discreet and deceit. Discretion is respecting your's as well as his privacy- it is not like telling a lie. Its like revelation of only required as well as relevant information- but with caution. Thinking about its impact side by side. And Don’t get confuse honesty with honor as well.

I remember a case, where a girl shared with his husband her partner beautiful private part, which makes her husband doubting his and all this cause so many complications and possessiveness in their relation. That they two were had to take divorce. So I don’t want the same to you too.

So instead of talking about what turns you in the past try to talk to your lovely husband what turns you today. And even if your hubby comes up – about your sexual relations in the past and with whom. Simply say, its all faded away, it's only you that matters now. This will make your hubby feel secure as well as a sense of pride. And will make him believe you really looking forward to having a sexual relationship in your life with your husband.

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