How to Increase Libido In Women Naturally?

Are you asking you the same question what others were asking at one time – How to boost libido in Women? Well, there are many factors which can lead the decrease in interest in sex or for poor sex drive in women alike men.

Depression, pregnancy, menopause, smoking, alcohol, medication, High or Low Bp are many of the few factors that can decrease your sex drive. Well, this is not the worst, the thought of libido decrease can add stress to your life which ends up in becoming a depression in both genders.
Usually, many of the people don’t ever take into consideration – what would be the reason for a poor sexual drive instead they take it more personally and freak out. As experts said the very first should be taken into consideration before solving the problem is to determine what are the reasons causing them. This can be done by going back in the time and noticing the minute changes done or facing recently in your general women’s life. For some, it can work as a miracle as if the problem is caused due to medication then one can simply stop the medication, whereas, in some, it can be a pain in the back. But still its worth a try.
Well, low libido in women can be dealt or treat and even boosted by taking a proper therapy. There are some drugs for women to take too, but we are going to do it a natural way with the help of herbs and some regular exercise. Exercises can help by reducing stress and languor & Change in diet would do the rest. Some foods which you need to add to your diet for an ultimate sex drive are:
1.   Avocado: A fruit rich in folic acids which helps body in metabolizing protein producing extra amount of energy. Apart from its folic acid, avocado is rich in Potassium and Vitamin B6 (Responsible for Women’s thyroid gland stimulation and hence releasing of sex hormones ) which helps in increment of sex drive in both male and women.
2.  Almonds: Almonds are known for a major source of primary essential acids. Plus its aroma is helpful in increment of libido in women. Even perfumes having scents of aroma can be used as a therapy for poor libido.
3.   Celery: Celery has androsterone hormone – An odorless hormone released by men. Can be easily used in its raw state as well.
4.   Raw Oysters: Oysters are a good source of zinc and can be consumed in its raw state for maximum benefits. Oysters are recommended because they have some dopamine in them which is said to be a good source for increasing of libido.
5.   Bananas: Bananas are very famous for its curing power for impotency. Plus they contain bromelain enzyme which helps in giving you back the hunger of sex which you were missing.
With the consumption of above 5 mentioned ingredients only, you can enjoy back the days which are missing now. If you are male then don’t worry and Read: Want to boost libido in Men.

Do let us know how effective you found this natural technique in the comment section below.

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