How To Properly Kiss Someone Other Than Your Spouse At Social Function?

Looking for ways to kiss someone at some social functions without causing confusion with your spouse? Has this thought ever crossed your mind that an innocent goodwill gesture would cause so much misperception among family, friends or even sometimes with your husband as well?


When to kiss, how many kissed, Where to kiss- Lips or On Cheeks, Which cheek- Left cheek, right cheek or on both cheeks: All these thoughts many women find themselves thinking whenever attempting a social gathering. Well, this is not with you only. As these thoughts are totally affected by our regions and cultures in which we brought up. No one needs to go through these thoughts in their teenagehood, but with marriage so many things changes, so does our gestures of greeting someone.
Our cultures and provinces dictate those rules for kissing other at social gathering other than your soulmate. As who knows your husband might strike this thought in his mind and leading to some problems in your relationship. So, even after cultures guiding rules, if you find yourself in kissing dilemma, then simply, don’t!
Well, thanks to the corporate world which also plays a vital role in making our decision whether to kiss or not to kiss. And as regions, corporate worlds kissing rules are bit different. As conservative fields like banking and accounting, a handshake is a source of showing respect, where as in the art line, an outstretched arm or cheek is a way of showing- a comfortable relation has been established.
So, there are some things which you need to consider before kissing someone at a social get-together. For Instance, how well you have known that person whether it is from the social occasion, business or friendly affection.
Some General kissing third person cultural rule which you have to follow whenever attending the social meeting without hurting your husband feelings are given below: Keep in mind they are not written o stone, you and your partner can mould them a bit.
1.   If we talk about French and you are going to meet them, they prefer kissing on both cheeks – One on each and you need to start from left cheek.
2.   Whereas Spaniards like the same two-kiss rule, but they start from kissing on the right cheek to the left one.
3.   Whereas Italians are warm and they save their kisses only for close friends or family.
4.   If we need to greet people from the United Kingdom then a handshake and nod are the safest play of showing respect.
5.   And Germans not alike than Italians, They are more reserved, however not object in kissing their family and friends. For them, a handshake is the best option you need to the opt-in front of them.
6.   Africans – they show respect to their leader by kissing the very earth on which he or she has recently walked.
7.   Whereas Americans love to kiss very much, especially south Americans. But don’t get confused with their living behavior as the business protocol is to shake them, not to turn clients into family and friends.

Notes: All these tips are not limited to women only, the same rules apply to men as well. As both genders meet different –different genders coming from different regions. So, there you will find these kissing stranger tips comes in handy.

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