What are the general rules for kissing?

Who would have thought that there would be some rules for kissing? Irrespective of this fact - whether you deny that there are some rules make for the same or not. You will always finds some who are going through these. So, even if something like that exists so what are the rules of this game?


Well it varies to the situation to situation. So try to put yourself at that situation,then try to think or imagine what you would do? So, lets begin:
1.   Follow the Alpha: It means you just have to do exactly that another person did while greeting you, If you are fine with that. And don’t forget to put the most genuine smile on your face, show you white teeth and even you can extend your hand for a friendly seems shake yet a professional shake.
2.   If you are with someone, your life partners don’t want you to be with, then desist or abstain from him as soon as possible. Alike girls, boys need to do to, so that they don’t spoil the mood of your girl.
3.   Never kiss someone, you never seen before. It would be like too fast much smooch.
4.   Lip lock or French kiss is only for lovebirds or for a husband and his wife.
5.   Be a Consistent Type: Don’t confuse others with yourself by first greeting someone with a kiss and then offer your hand for a handshake will convey a complicated message.
6.   If with your kiss comes a hug part as well, then ensure you only tap on a person back sounds appropriate rather than keep pounding the back like you are burping a baby.
7.   The last but not least, always try to take breath mints or use a discreet toothbrush in order to avoid bad smell before engaging in a kiss with clients as well as with your life partner.

Now, master yourself in these rules. Don’t forget to read the notes mentioned below-

Note: Whenever we speak of the kissing guidebook– this statement or you can say rules you read above are dynamic depending upon a culture and regions in which a person grows up.

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