5 Ways to keep your married sex life fresh?

Looking for ways to keep your Married Sex Life Fresh? Many Couples expects that their sex lives will take care of themselves and don’t think that there’s some need to put extra attention to the matter. But the truth is totally different – Sex is an important aspect of any relation and needs tending properly like our other activities.

Sex can only improve your marriage life, only if a person realize the power and connection made between the two only because of sex. All you need to realize first boring sex life has got nothing common in a broken sex life.
Given below are some ways to keep your  married sex life fresh that sparks and remain the same throughout the marriage:
1.   Communication with each other: You should communicate with your spouse and let them know about your likes and dislike in a non- truculent way. The more you communicate the more comfortable for you will be in communicating your sexual needs, hence the more you will end up in doing multiple sexual experiments and the more you will enjoy your married sexual life. And remember, when you are married, you are not just only lovers you are best friends; which means you have to choose words with care and respect and approach to each other in a honest and open way.
2.   Intimacy is more than Sex: Gentle touching to your partners in sexy ways not only in the bedroom – a message there, a squeeze here – will let you enjoy the nighttime get-together and even help you in dropping daily bustle life behind. So try to be intimate with each other first. Remember intimacy doest just happen in bedroom only. You need to give some time to your partner.
3.   Try to make special efforts: Too busy is a never-ending excuse used for lack of efforts. So, instead of telling yourself you are too busy, try to make time. Let someone else do your daily husband job like picking your kid up from school, drop cooking food and take your partner to dinner etc. This will allow both of you to relax and knowing each other. Hence this small change in the schedule will make you guys reconnect with your inner thoughts and emotions. Remember small happy moments like a romantic dinner, having a bubble bath together etc are the moments that help in building intimacy that is a basic element to a satisfying and everlasting husband-wife sexual life.
4.   Create a healthy relationship bond: Creating a playful relation is just a good first step. We all know that having products that boost your sexual life can help you keeping your partner satisfied. But why all the good good things happens in bedroom begins and end there. Why not try to do the same in the living room as well. And those who been in the game of intimation for years and become almost robotic in their foreplay and intimacy can also restart their sexual marriage life, by using, for instance candles that melts into a soothing massage oil  and use that oil in massaging each other with love and desire etc.

5.   Override predictability: One of the biggest blocks that happen to romance is the tendency to become a slave to our daily life routine. It’s too easy for couples to get used to not trying new things or even worse, never try to explore new territory lying behind their love circle.  Don’t fall to this kind of stuff. Instead made of the to-do list of things to do or want to try out of the bedroom and place your every dream in a bag. Draw some per week and live your month; this kind of stuff will help you in keeping the excitement in your married sex life.

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