What Is Impotency?

Impotent as the word speaks for a state of condition in itself. It means a condition where a man is not able to get or maintain an erection to perform sexual activity. It is also familiar with another name of Erection Dysfunction. It is a major risk factor for men as it is the reason for leading cause of infertility in men.


Well, the reasons can be many from a poor, nutritionless diet to a lacking of confidence in themselves. As sometimes, when blood is not able to supply properly to the penis then this condition causes improver erection and hence incapability in males. All the musculature, as well as the nerves, should be able to pass enough or adequate blood in order for a man to sustain an erection along with premature ejaculation.
Today, ED is more common than any of us we think. As it is affecting more than 50% of men, according to the health and safety survey. Level of affection varies according to the age, people of older age, tends to suffer more than the ones who are in their 20’s.

So, what are the cause of inability in men?

As we all know there are several reasons which contribute behind to develop such health conditions. Broadly speaking- Emotional or Psychological, Physical disorders including lifestyle of a person as well. Psychologically because when a man is unable to get it up because of the emotions that are holding him back.
1.   Low Or High Blood Pressure
2.   Diabetes
3.   Bad Cholesterol
4.   Stress, Obesity
5.   Prostate Cancer Or Disease
6.   Heart Patients

The risk of ED increases along with time. The Old the person is, the more the chances are of a person to have an impotency.
Well, according to science, men who are more educated are less likely to be developing this state, as their lifestyle is much healthier than an average person.

Apart from causing inability to have sex, it also causes another side effect like depression, lack of confidence, depression etc.

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