Fastest Treatment For Impotency | 26 yrs Male Case Study

Are you trying to find ways for the treatment of your Erection Dysfunction at so much younger age? Well, you are not the first, I (Don’t want to disclose my identity) am now 40+ and father of 2 boys and a girl. Got Married at the age of 26. At first, I was not able to perform at all in the first few months of my marriage. I had tried so hard, but it was all in vain, which make me not only frustrating but also make me losing patience and finally make me feel disappointed. But Fortunately, my wife was very accepting and she knew, she had to go slow.

Well, the reasons given below was the culprit for my impotence:

1.   Had an experience of gone in depressing due to the presence of one-sided love story before the marriage. Plus, was a hardcore fan of porn or you can say addicted to porn.
2.   So in order to come out of depression, I started doing gym and lifting heavy weights and all. Took a hell lot of protein as well.
3.   When I was getting engaged, I tried to cut down my fat for good appearance on the day of my marriage. Tried all fat burners to cut it down, in which I faced total success. But it lowers my sugar level so much as I was doing all gyming part not under any guidance.
The diet I took was too much for me as it messed up with not only with my system but also with my brain. I was not able to concentrate as my mind kept shutting off most of the time. Never even realized that it also has the same negative effects on my erection as well. As I was able to masturbate while watching porn, but It never crossed my mind my erection was not that stiff which it was a 3-4 months ago. So, then comes the big night i.e., the night of my marriage, when my boy refused to stand up.
So, this moment struck my mind and for that, I visited a doctor (Urologist Specialist in the US). Who suggested me to take pills but I did not as I wanted to sort this mess out naturally.
My wife was also searching and researching for the same. So she came up with some ways to cure my erection dysfunction effectively. So, took up these measures given below to get back to normal.
1.   Quit gyming and stop taking all supplements.
2.   Only went for few minutes of running and swimming on alternate days instead of conservative days
3.   Had some changes in my diet like veggies. And started taking 3 times a day and even 2 caffeine per days with sugar.
4.   Switched my sleep bed soft mattress with the sleeping on the flat floor. As it helped me getting my posture and spine in shape.
After doing all this for 3-4 months. I was able to do proper intercourse after marriage and both of us were so much enthusiastic.



Your lifestyle and living habits could also cause Erection Dysfunctions in ways we cant see. Just stick to these basics, eat good, sleep well (In good posture), Mediation or Yoga, Moderate Exercises. Try to cut down any activity from your schedule which is mentally tiring you. Stop watching too porn as this can be an addiction. Try to make these changes in your lifestyle and you will how a minor difference is going to cure your Erection Problems.
So, in short, keep your mind healthy and all your erection related problems would go away. Feed your mind and body well and nature will take care of the rest.

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