Does Over Masturbation can be a reason for erectile dysfunction?

Is Masturbation really is the reason for your erection disability? Do you able to masturbate but not able to keep an erection strong enough for sex? Do this questions ever cross your mind? Well, if you really think your masturbation can be the root cause?

It’s a common belief now that people think the same. But if you heard or ask from experts, then the answer is “No”, from wherever or from whomsoever you have heard that excessive masturbation can cause erectile dysfunction in men, then you are taking it all the way wrong. Masturbation has nothing to do with it.
ED is a condition when you are unable to keep an erection. So, all you have heard is a myth which is not based on scientifically or medically proved. ED is not a stage which is not triggered only by over masturbation.
Instead of putting the blame, Erection dysfunction is triggered due to over masturbation, we should try to focus on other things as well. There are some other reasons on which you should focus on more i.e., Physical and psychological reason. Men who are suffering from ED usually goes under a lot of stress in their head and hence unable to identify any single reason for their cause. In real life as well, not only a single reason ever found out to be the reason for any health condition. It’s a combination of many and In some case, ED can be caused due to the both – Physical as well as Psychological Reasons.

Physical Reasons involves:

1. Heath issues like High or low blood pressure.
2. Obese
3. Diabetes
4. Drugs Addiction – Alcohol or Tobacco addicted
5. High Cholesterol
6. Heart Patient
7. Cardiovascular disease whereas,

Psychological reasons are:

1. Stress or finding difficulty with a companion in relationships
2. Stress from professional or from personal life
3. Going under depression or other mental health-related conditions

If Going through any of these, don’t find yourself shy and consult your doctor to cure the ED state from the roots itself.

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