How to Save Yourself From Counterfeit Viagra?

Want to learn how to protect yourself from taking a Counterfeit Viagra? Counterfeits are not just a imitate of a well-established product, they are illegal, and can be very dangerous to health if taken. They are so hard to tell that where or how they were manufactured or even what ingredients were used or inside them.


Viagra is one of the most forged drugs in the world. Well, you must be wandering – there are hardly any medicines whose dummies are not available. But according to the survey conveyed in 2018, searched for the term “buy Viagra” to see how many websites selling a replica of Viagra.
The study was based on 2 search engines i.e., Google and Bing. Consistently unique sites were appearing as Viagra seller manufactured by Pfizer. In order to check the quality, our pharmacists ordered those pills and tested the chemical composition of the pills. So, what did we found out in pirated Viagra?

  • Blue Ink – Printer ink.

  • Metronidazole works as strong antibiotics that can cause an allergic reaction like vomiting or diarrhea.

  • Many active ingredients can cause you health problems

  • Chemicals to increase the flood of blood also known as speed.

  • Use of binding agents that can result in the tablets from breaking down in our system.

  • Toxic ingredients such as floor wax, rat poison, paint, the dust of  bricks, acids etc


Making Completely different medicines with potentially harmful health results. So, how can we save ourselves from counterfeit ED pills? Well given below are quick tips to ensure you get exactly the pills of the brand of at least 10 years + real-world experience or to help you get what you are looking for.

  • Ask for Viagra Pills by exact name.
  • Try to ask for a pill with a specific name specified on your prescription i.e., no substitute or alternate medicine, depending on your requirements.
  • Double check your pill at the store. If “PFIZER” is nit visible or pill is not blue and of diamond shape, then you are holding a counterfeit of  Viagra.
  • Try to ensure your doctor give you your preference brand – name pills like Viagra for future purpose.

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