Does Watching Pornography Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Can Porn Be the reason for Erectile Dysfunction in men? If no, then why there a rising crisis on healthy young men experiencing sexual problems.  That’s the reason for lots of research done in order to point out what the reason for the booming rate of erection disability facing by men. Hence the researched came to its end when they came to the point as the viewing rate of porn site rises, so does the erection dysfunction in young men.


You can diagnose heart, lungs or any organ related problem but you can’t diagnose a problem caused digitally whether caused due to porn or not? That’s why there has been a lot of articles published since 2013 – Reasons for quit watching porn or Why masturbation via watching adult images is not wise for men. And the very first reason was mentioned in these articles were – men who addicted on lust prompting videos or images finds trouble when it comes to get and maintain an erection during sex in real life.

The perception of watching sex movies too much can cause Erection dysfunction has spread like a fire. As it has a direct effect not only physically but it is affecting mentally as well.

Why And How We Can be so sure?

Well, Harvard University Medical School, Clinical Professor says, - Many young men today suffers from a Porn-induced erectile disability. As they are unable to maintain an erection with their sexual partner. But finds no trouble in keeping one while watching porn. The problem with them is not with their dick, but with their ears.

So, what happens actually is we trained our brain for porn while watching porn, but when it comes to doing it in reality with real women, the pornography brain unable to sends enough signal below the belt to get an erection.

So, are you suffering from the porn induction erectile dysfunction as well? If Yes then, read how to overcome it.


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