What’s the best Method For Longer Sex Without Pills?

Are you seeking ways for Longer Sex and tired of taking pills all and all over again, everytime you want to have sex? Don’t worry today you are going to learn how to improve your sexual performance and independent of sexual stamina or erection pills.

tips Last longer in bed

So, Why Asks for Meds Why don’t Ask Natural Remedies You Can Adopt for Longer Lasting Sex?

 Given below are some natural remedies /tips:

1. Try to control ejaculation with the help of your partner- Well, the pause-squeeze technique would do the trick for you. It is one of the most simple and best natural remedies/method for premature ejaculations.
What do we have to do? Whenever you are at the point of ejaculation, ask your partner to tightly squeeze the head of your penis for several seconds. i.e., the point where the head joins the shaft. When the urge to ejaculate goes away, take a break of 30 seconds and start all over again from the foreplay. So that your penis erects again because of sexual stimulation. You can repeat this natural remedies whenever you are near the climax.
When you repeat this technique many times, you will start developing a sense of controlling for your ejaculation and hence won’t need to do this trick any further. Due to this method, you tune your penis head from old pattern of early ejaculation to longer lasting never-ending sex.
This natural technique would require some time to develop your controlling power but still, it will save you from taking long- time sex medicines. 

What else you can do?

Well, along with squeeze and pause technique there are some perks you can do for prolonging erections without worrying about premature ejaculations.
1.   Make use of your thoughts: First of all, you need to think something about sex until your penis gets erect. Now Try to think something totally different from sex until you penis comes back to its flaccid state. Repeat this natural remedy several times to get better control all over your penis.
2.   Relax Your Body: Whenever you are close to the ejaculation stage. Try to take a deep breath to develop a better sense of control.
3. Masturbation before sex: Some men like to masturbate first before indulging in sexual activity to last long with their partner.
4.   Don’t Act Like A Flash:  You don’t have to enter in her too quickly. You need to be slow. Try to give some time on foreplay. Then Give her your head to help her in getting orgasm first. This behavior would help you relax and make you sure that you are in total control of things over there.

5.   Talk to experts: Try to talk to a medical expert whom you have to tell about your relationship and experiences. As therapists would help you in developing ways to overcome stress as well as reduce sexual anxiety.

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