Top 7 Tips And Tricks to Prevent Premature Ejaculation (PE)

Looking for Tips or Techniques to counter your Premature Ejaculation(PE)? Don't you worry there are different approaches that will you in the treatment of your disease. We are going to tell you all the approaches from the medication (oral and topical) to the natural techniques or exercises.


Table Of Content:

These include Behavioral Practices, Use Of Condoms, Consultation with experts, Pause-squeeze technique and Pelvic floor exercises.

Let’s discuss in Detail now:

  • Behavioral Techniques:

First of all, forget about the orgasms and vaginal intercourse – not for forever, of course, out of your sexual repertoire (Sexual Repertoire is a combination of sexual acts to make it more passionate, romantic, stimulating, arousing etc and make you feel comfortable while performing on the same time). And focus on only the quality time and moment you are having. As doing this will help you sometimes in the reduction of stress or pressure that leads to PE. Also, this will help you in an exploration of other forms of sex as well and some might be not as intensive as others which is a balanced way which could help you in exploring your methods of self-control. Plus, masturbation, before expected sexual activity at a time can help you in delaying your next early orgasm or climax.


  • Use Of Condoms: 

Well, we are not going to waste your time on this one as the logic is simple. It helps you in blocking pleasing sensation that’s leads you to orgasm.

  • Pelvic Floor Muscle Or Kegel Exercise:

It is an invisible exercise, you would be doing it but no one could even guess what you are up to? In this, the pelvic floor is the muscles used to prevent the way of gas or to stop urination in the midway. You can easily find yours by just trying to hold your urine while going to a washroom. You just need to hold this muscle and by repeating the same a few times a day. You would be able to overcome your Premature Ejaculation. 


  • Pause and Squeeze Technique:

Well, this is performed during sexual intercourse. What you have to do? Just before ejaculation or orgasm. Pull out your banana (Penis) and squeeze the head of your penis until the intensity is reduced. And when it comes back to its normal stage you can easily reinsert your penis into the vagina without ejaculating is possible. Just do this couples of time and if the pain is not any more of your concern, men can learn to delay his orgasm for like forever.  

  • Topical Anesthesia: 

Well as the name indicates, decrease the sensation and thus prevention of orgasm. There are many available in form of a spray or a cream –Lidocaine can do this work for you. Well, there’s a problem with these creams as these can lead one partner to deprive the sensation and hence loss of sexual intimacy. 


  • Oral Medicines: 

Oral medicines can be a miracle for some patients. As there are end numbers of medication who side effects cannot be said as a side effect exactly. Strange, but the drugs that help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction can also cause delayed orgasms. Hence they are used for PE diagnosis as well. Well those who suffer from both PE and erectile dysfunction, the benefits are two in one. The benefits of oral medicines are that they allow the man to enjoy sex fully without restricted movements, no interruption, the decrease in sensation etc. But the downside is the pills side effects not only limited to PE as any number of side effects are possible.

  • Relax Your Mind: 

DO yoga or hit gymming to keep your body fit and healthy. And as our elders say healthy mind lies in a sound body.

Note: You can apply a combination of these exercises but don't overdo it.

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