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Are you concerned to find out whether your Man Testosterone level is at the normal level or not? In general terms, we characterized testosterone level according to its production and thus distinguish according to 3 Level i.e., Low, Medium and High. According to the these, we differentiate or state whether you are producing the optimum hormone in a day or not.

For an average man production of about 6mg (milligrams) or 600 g (grams) in a day is considered normal. If the production is less than or equals to 3mg (milligram) or 300 g (grams) then you are going be to consider in low hormone production level. If you are producing 8 mg (milligrams) or 800 g (grams) then you are on high testosterone.
In broad, the normal range of production of testosterone in a male is about 280  ng/dl (nanogram per deciliter) to 1080 ng/dl (nanogram per deciliter) with an average of 680ng/dL as per the reports of University of Rochester Medical Center.
Well over or under hormone production is considered to be out of balance. Its production can be affected in men under 50 years of age can be due to numerous factors, some of which signs and symptoms of low testosterone level are:
  • Sleep Disorder
  • Age Level
  • Hypogonadism
  • Injury to the testicles
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Low Stigma
  • Fatigueness
  • Depression
  • Low Libido
  • Tumour
  • HIV
  • Heart Failure

Testosterone level is at its peak for a male of age 18 to 20 and then continues at spike around the age of 30, then as the age increases, it slowly started to decline. People who are above 30 finds less interest in sex, proved by the study.

If you are suffering from low testosterone level then there are some ways through which you can level it up to normal if it's not related to the physical disorder. For More Information – CLICK HERE.

Hypogonadism in men is a state refers to missing of or improper functioning of gonadal or sex gland, resulting in the production of lower testosterone which is not enough than the requirement of the body.

Testosterone is a hormone produced in men by the testicles which play a vital role in muscle and bone growth and development during puberty phase. Loss of testosterone results in Low Libido, Bone & Muscle Loss, Erection Dysfunction, Low Sperm Count, Hair Loss, Increase Body Fat, Weakness etc. 

It is a very common disease which is affecting more than 4-5 million population of people in the US itself. It can affect you at any age. But it is mostly seen in people with higher age of people.
It is of two types:

1.   Primary Hypogonadism

2.   Secondary Hypogonadism

What are Male Hypogonadism Causes?

This happens because of the presence of iron much more than required in the blood which can cause failure of a Pituitary gland, testicles –and hence results in the production of lower testosterone.

How to treat Hypogonadism?

Well, its treatment varies according to the origin or source causing it. Yet, Hormone replacement therapy or male hormone replacement is the remedy doctor pick to get you rid of this disease. As HRT successfully treats Hypogonadism in most of the cases. This therapy is also known by another name i.e, Testosterone replacement therapy or TRT. Well, there are other ways as well to increase your testosterone.
Side-Effects Associated with its Treatment includes:

  • Oily Skin
  • Slight Fluid Retention
  • Risk of Development of Prostate Abnormalities
  • High Chances of Developing Blood Clots 
  • Breast Enlargement

Note: Taking or Leveling your Testosterone is the only thing you need to take care of, but still its worth a try. You might need to see a Urologist as well as an Endocrinologist for your treatment.
Looking for herbs to cure Impotence? Earlier, there was a big contradict on the statement that there is not any natural herb that can cure the same. But after going through very deep research, researchers find out there are some which can do magic when it comes to your sexual life.

From ancient times, people are healing various health issue with herbalism. But with the increase in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, use of herbs become outdated. But Still, people go with natural treatment. As you can see yourself, you are looking for natural treatment instead of checking the availability of Viagra etc medicines to cure ED. But with the consumption of these, there are chances of side effects increases as well. On the contrary, meds are even manufactured from Herbs. That’s why we say, herbs do include magic ingredients in themselves. And Can be consumed to cure the disease of the core without any side effects.

Well, there are many reasons for Erection Dysfunction, one of the many is an inadequate supply of blood to the penis. So, What Do The Herbs Do Actually? With the consumption of these herbs, you will be able to restore the flowing of the blood throughout the body including your groin area, hence curing impotency.

Let's see now of Which herbs we are talking about:

1.   Ginseng – This is from the family of IVY and its roots are mainly used for natural treatment. Although, it wins so many awards for its so many benefits and called with many names- Man Root, Life Root, Heals ALL, Immortality root etc.
It Boosts Immune system, energy, Cure Male Infertility, soothes from menstruation symptoms. Ginseng helps in dilating the arteries, including one that flows blood to the penis. With increased blood flow, the better the chances of erection are. Ginseng can be used in powder form, teas, apart from that it is available in tinctures,  capsules as well but not recommended by me.
2.   Ginkgo – Very Popular herb in China and India. The ginkgo tree is a sacred tree and can be seen in many parts of Asia. It apart from many benefits cures ED due to the ability of improved blood circulation. It is hard to get so you can order it online and read the following prescription before intake it.
3.   Yohimbe It is from the family includes, madder, coffee, and gardenia. Its Bark extract is used for healing. It has approved by FDA for its ability in treating Erection Dysfunction. It consists of benefits which even Viagra is not able to do. It can provide erection only but Yohimbe also cure depression and it can further increase women’s libido as well.
It should be consumed by the amount of 15-30 milligrams in a day. Tell your doctor if you are taking any other herbs or medications as well. As it can cause some unpleasant herbs/drugs reaction. If you buy it online. Then Do read its prescriptions first.



You can take these herbs to treat ED without prescription but in limited quantity, as overconsumption is not always suited. Pocket-Friendly, Not much expensive, Comes with Few to None Side effects.
Are you trying to find ways for the treatment of your Erection Dysfunction at so much younger age? Well, you are not the first, I (Don’t want to disclose my identity) am now 40+ and father of 2 boys and a girl. Got Married at the age of 26. At first, I was not able to perform at all in the first few months of my marriage. I had tried so hard, but it was all in vain, which make me not only frustrating but also make me losing patience and finally make me feel disappointed. But Fortunately, my wife was very accepting and she knew, she had to go slow.

Well, the reasons given below was the culprit for my impotence:

1.   Had an experience of gone in depressing due to the presence of one-sided love story before the marriage. Plus, was a hardcore fan of porn or you can say addicted to porn.
2.   So in order to come out of depression, I started doing gym and lifting heavy weights and all. Took a hell lot of protein as well.
3.   When I was getting engaged, I tried to cut down my fat for good appearance on the day of my marriage. Tried all fat burners to cut it down, in which I faced total success. But it lowers my sugar level so much as I was doing all gyming part not under any guidance.
The diet I took was too much for me as it messed up with not only with my system but also with my brain. I was not able to concentrate as my mind kept shutting off most of the time. Never even realized that it also has the same negative effects on my erection as well. As I was able to masturbate while watching porn, but It never crossed my mind my erection was not that stiff which it was a 3-4 months ago. So, then comes the big night i.e., the night of my marriage, when my boy refused to stand up.
So, this moment struck my mind and for that, I visited a doctor (Urologist Specialist in the US). Who suggested me to take pills but I did not as I wanted to sort this mess out naturally.
My wife was also searching and researching for the same. So she came up with some ways to cure my erection dysfunction effectively. So, took up these measures given below to get back to normal.
1.   Quit gyming and stop taking all supplements.
2.   Only went for few minutes of running and swimming on alternate days instead of conservative days
3.   Had some changes in my diet like veggies. And started taking 3 times a day and even 2 caffeine per days with sugar.
4.   Switched my sleep bed soft mattress with the sleeping on the flat floor. As it helped me getting my posture and spine in shape.
After doing all this for 3-4 months. I was able to do proper intercourse after marriage and both of us were so much enthusiastic.



Your lifestyle and living habits could also cause Erection Dysfunctions in ways we cant see. Just stick to these basics, eat good, sleep well (In good posture), Mediation or Yoga, Moderate Exercises. Try to cut down any activity from your schedule which is mentally tiring you. Stop watching too porn as this can be an addiction. Try to make these changes in your lifestyle and you will how a minor difference is going to cure your Erection Problems.
So, in short, keep your mind healthy and all your erection related problems would go away. Feed your mind and body well and nature will take care of the rest.
Isn't it astounding that Impotency can be cured by yoga? But Before proceeding any further, we should first focus on seeing what a man reaction when stimulated by another person?

Do you know a person can talk with his penis when trying to get an erection? Or When trying to piss in public toilet aside to another man standing?
Your penis speaks and understands its own language- but sadly we are not able to understand it because it relates to your unconscious mind. But we can learn to understand it. Learning the art of your subconscious can be done through yoga. As yoga can help you connect to your subconsciousness and hence can save you from erection dysfunction.
Our emotions come in when it comes to penis receiving messages. That’s why any thought, mental issue or stress have a direct influence on the penis.
It is a saying that a man can ignore anything until unless it is not related to their sexual life.
Another common saying - the more the man is masculine, the less control he will have over his subconscious, and because of this, these men find difficulty in controlling their ejaculation. So what we have to do is to dominate your subconscious, which can be only possible through yoga.
If a person is able to access his subconscious side- they are able to dominate themselves in any situation, environment, even heal their body rapidly.

What Else can Yoga Do?

  • It helps in Increasing flexibility.

  • Help You in toning and strengthening muscles.

  • Allow Better Respiration and enhanced vitality and energy

  • Improve Metabolism

  • Helps in reducing weight

  • Improved Aesthetic Performance

  • Improves Blood flow within the body

  • Help in getting a better control over subconscious.

  • Improve Sexual Health and stamina.

There are many yoga and exercise as well which helps in giving peace to your mind as well as body and drastically improve your sex life by eliminating ED and hence the quality of the orgasm.
Impotent as the word speaks for a state of condition in itself. It means a condition where a man is not able to get or maintain an erection to perform sexual activity. It is also familiar with another name of Erection Dysfunction. It is a major risk factor for men as it is the reason for leading cause of infertility in men.


Well, the reasons can be many from a poor, nutritionless diet to a lacking of confidence in themselves. As sometimes, when blood is not able to supply properly to the penis then this condition causes improver erection and hence incapability in males. All the musculature, as well as the nerves, should be able to pass enough or adequate blood in order for a man to sustain an erection along with premature ejaculation.
Today, ED is more common than any of us we think. As it is affecting more than 50% of men, according to the health and safety survey. Level of affection varies according to the age, people of older age, tends to suffer more than the ones who are in their 20’s.

So, what are the cause of inability in men?

As we all know there are several reasons which contribute behind to develop such health conditions. Broadly speaking- Emotional or Psychological, Physical disorders including lifestyle of a person as well. Psychologically because when a man is unable to get it up because of the emotions that are holding him back.
1.   Low Or High Blood Pressure
2.   Diabetes
3.   Bad Cholesterol
4.   Stress, Obesity
5.   Prostate Cancer Or Disease
6.   Heart Patients

The risk of ED increases along with time. The Old the person is, the more the chances are of a person to have an impotency.
Well, according to science, men who are more educated are less likely to be developing this state, as their lifestyle is much healthier than an average person.

Apart from causing inability to have sex, it also causes another side effect like depression, lack of confidence, depression etc.
Is Masturbation really is the reason for your erection disability? Do you able to masturbate but not able to keep an erection strong enough for sex? Do this questions ever cross your mind? Well, if you really think your masturbation can be the root cause?

It’s a common belief now that people think the same. But if you heard or ask from experts, then the answer is “No”, from wherever or from whomsoever you have heard that excessive masturbation can cause erectile dysfunction in men, then you are taking it all the way wrong. Masturbation has nothing to do with it.
ED is a condition when you are unable to keep an erection. So, all you have heard is a myth which is not based on scientifically or medically proved. ED is not a stage which is not triggered only by over masturbation.
Instead of putting the blame, Erection dysfunction is triggered due to over masturbation, we should try to focus on other things as well. There are some other reasons on which you should focus on more i.e., Physical and psychological reason. Men who are suffering from ED usually goes under a lot of stress in their head and hence unable to identify any single reason for their cause. In real life as well, not only a single reason ever found out to be the reason for any health condition. It’s a combination of many and In some case, ED can be caused due to the both – Physical as well as Psychological Reasons.

Physical Reasons involves:

1. Heath issues like High or low blood pressure.
2. Obese
3. Diabetes
4. Drugs Addiction – Alcohol or Tobacco addicted
5. High Cholesterol
6. Heart Patient
7. Cardiovascular disease whereas,

Psychological reasons are:

1. Stress or finding difficulty with a companion in relationships
2. Stress from professional or from personal life
3. Going under depression or other mental health-related conditions

If Going through any of these, don’t find yourself shy and consult your doctor to cure the ED state from the roots itself.
Are you seeking ways for Longer Sex and tired of taking pills all and all over again, everytime you want to have sex? Don’t worry today you are going to learn how to improve your sexual performance and independent of sexual stamina or erection pills.


So, Why Asks for Meds Why don’t Ask Natural Remedies You Can Adopt for Longer Lasting Sex?

 Given below are some natural remedies /tips:

1. Try to control ejaculation with the help of your partner- Well, the pause-squeeze technique would do the trick for you. It is one of the most simple and best natural remedies/method for premature ejaculations.
What do we have to do? Whenever you are at the point of ejaculation, ask your partner to tightly squeeze the head of your penis for several seconds. i.e., the point where the head joins the shaft. When the urge to ejaculate goes away, take a break of 30 seconds and start all over again from the foreplay. So that your penis erects again because of sexual stimulation. You can repeat this natural remedies whenever you are near the climax.
When you repeat this technique many times, you will start developing a sense of controlling for your ejaculation and hence won’t need to do this trick any further. Due to this method, you tune your penis head from old pattern of early ejaculation to longer lasting never-ending sex.
This natural technique would require some time to develop your controlling power but still, it will save you from taking long- time sex medicines. 

What else you can do?

Well, along with squeeze and pause technique there are some perks you can do for prolonging erections without worrying about premature ejaculations.
1.   Make use of your thoughts: First of all, you need to think something about sex until your penis gets erect. Now Try to think something totally different from sex until you penis comes back to its flaccid state. Repeat this natural remedy several times to get better control all over your penis.
2.   Relax Your Body: Whenever you are close to the ejaculation stage. Try to take a deep breath to develop a better sense of control.
3. Masturbation before sex: Some men like to masturbate first before indulging in sexual activity to last long with their partner.
4.   Don’t Act Like A Flash:  You don’t have to enter in her too quickly. You need to be slow. Try to give some time on foreplay. Then Give her your head to help her in getting orgasm first. This behavior would help you relax and make you sure that you are in total control of things over there.

5.   Talk to experts: Try to talk to a medical expert whom you have to tell about your relationship and experiences. As therapists would help you in developing ways to overcome stress as well as reduce sexual anxiety.
Are you cant help with What are some of the possible reasons why excessive masturbation from porn can lower sexual hunger? Well, you are not the first to find, all who are suffering from ED have tried to find out the reason once in their lifetime.

Lack of Libido When it comes to real life.

Well, porn sites are making money only because of its strong ability to arouse – in an amazingly ways. Due to extremely arousal ability of pornography, it might comes difficult for a man to get aroused in real life because in porn they display partners doing sex at much faster and intensive ways whereas it is not possible when it comes to real – as real life can be slow, which makes mind of a man to lose interest in that sexual moment. Even if one gets an erection, he might have to struggle in maintaining an erection and hence in experiencing an orgasm. Due to that, partner feels rejection and hence very less attraction. This results in creating an unhappy, unsatisfied cycle, hence pushing man to turn to porn and masturbate for arousal and orgasm etc.

2.   Lack Of Confidence

Porn definitely affects a man’s Self-esteem and potentials. As porn creates an unrealistic or an imaginative viewpoint about what a man believes he and his partner should look like. More often, men starting to compare themselves with porn male stars and feel inferior because of inability to arouse women in the sexual performance as much than the male actors in the films. All of this makes psychologically difficult for a man in the separation of the fantasy world with the real one.

3.   Reality Become Less interesting

Over possessing porn can make the reality seems boring. As porn allows men to choose a different variety of categories and choose whichsoever they find that turn them on – fantasies which one may not be able or too embarrassed to share with his real-life partner. This is the root cause due to which one cannot share what arouses them. Hence, leading the couple facing sexual trouble.

4.   Real life propose Low Visual and Audio Stimulation

Adult Films offers numbers of graphical scenes and the ability to switching quickly between scenes. This heightens libido. But When it comes to real life, due to the involvement of touch and texture stimulation, everything is much slower. It’s not possible to experience audio and visual stimulation. This can put your mind in a state of mental correlation as what so ever you expect while watching sex adults totally opposed to having sex in real life.


Excessive masturbation from porn can make you enjoy from digital media much more than having sex in real life. So, if you are going through all these, then you should also read how to overcome porn-induced ED. Plus it increases the expectation of men, and make them pick any category which would arouse them- which is different from reality as reality doesn't always offer categories.
Are you following the steps told in earlier posts and want to know how much time is it takes to reboot your mind or we can say reset your mind to dissolve porn caused effects. Well, if you are following our steps of recovery, then it is something you should know in advance that it’s nothing like waving a magic wand and all the damage done to your mind already done would be reversed.


As all medicine have a course period of time which you need to follow in order to cure a disease. The same type of patience will be required while countering this health condition as well. As one has been a victim of this condition for a long time or if we talk about those who have been watching porn since their childhood. Then guys, you definitely gonna need a lot of time.

Well, there are some who recovered from porn-induced erection dysfunction within a matter of a week. But all of them shared one common feature in them i.e., they have not developed a long-term porn addiction. Most of them were elder men, who were exposed to porn later on in their life. While there are others who took 3-6months to regain proper healthy erections. While there are some young men who started porn at very early age might take as long as 9 months in recovery process.

And Because of quickly accessibility of porn over the internet, relapse is more often seen in the young audience.

Factors that are affecting recovery includes:

  • The influence of abstinence should be consistent.
  •  From what age one is watching porn?
  • How frequently, a man masturbated while watching porn.
  • For how much time one is using porn. (As porn addicted users, finds the Erection rebooting phase very hard and relapse).
  • Which Category of porn used for the sexual stimulation.  (If there was not one specific, then the more the time it will take to reboot your sexual performance).
  • Type of masturbation used

For More Frequent and Best Results. It is suggested to share this condition with your partner. As keeping secrets from your loved ones only increase the distances between the two. So, be together and help each other in fighting this health condition.
Are you trying to overcome your porn addiction causing dysfunction? First of all, it takes a lot of courage to even tell one about this health condition. And Even after taking pills, or talk to your medical expert. Your condition is only gotten worse. Then don’t you worry, today you are going to learn a free and efficient way to counter this condition. All it takes a lot of patience.


While its still a mystery but we do know for sure is that porn is an addiction, it does have some obsessive quality that diminishes a man from sexual activity with real women. So, porn-induced Ed even is real or a myth to tarnish porn. Even if it is causing ED and even with the increasing no. of men facing this problem, there is still no clinically treatment method available for this condition.

The Italian study strongly said there is a direct link between watching porn, and excessive masturbation and sexual anorexia nervosa.

So, What the solution, how to overcome this porn induction condition?

WELL, with no clinical treatment available the only solution that appears to help men to overcome adult films resulting ED is to denial from porn and masturbation for a time period of at least 3 months or 90 days or more. In this meantime, your brain would try to switch it from 2d audio-visual porn movie to 3-d sensual cues.  It will give your mind enough time to body and mind to reset and reboot to its natural factory state. This trick can help you reset your mind to normal sexual life.

Depriving one of porn can be firstly intense. Most men lose all of their sexual drives. But then slowly and gradually your brain recovery initiates. Only after a few months, you will not only recover to your original state but also gonna feel like limitless.  As you will feel less tiredness, low level of depression and general fatigue.


These demonstrations, as well as millions of others, showed that in the absence of porn and masturbation. You can really put an end to your porn inflicting ED and come back to your normal stage. For more information on What are the recovery stages in porn producing ED?
Are you suffering from Porn Causing Erection Dysfunction? ED can be a real and sad health condition. But not anymore, learn how to cure your ED without even paying a visit to any doctor or without spending even a single buck.


Well, the recovery stage requires varies from person to person. Though you can find several stages which one need to go through while countering Erectile Disability in men caused due to porn based on an average person addiction. Well, these stages only occur when a man is restricted from watching porn as well as masturbation. However, these stages are accordingly to 90 days average period, as recovery might take much more or even less time.

Stage 1: 

A phase where person starting to experience many symptoms from refraining from digital adult media and starting to have vigorous cravings for pornographic media.

Stage 2: 

After countering the first phase for one or two weeks of abstinence, you will start feeling some positive vibes of well being and a slight boost in your sexual drive.

Stage 3: 

Well, this is a phase in which you will feel no more interest in libido hence no interest in sex anymore. There will be no more erections you have, even no more sleep erections in the morning.

Stage 4: 

Well, this is a phase in which you will feel your manhood returning. As morning erections return, some return of sexual drive and a little come back of your interest in sex. These are a result of days when you had no interest in sex or no more erection.

Stage 5: 

Well, stage 4 is the stage where happiness is coming back to your life. As you will definitely see clear signs of recovery. Just keep revoking yourself from getting Porn prompting Erectile Dysfunction by not watching porn films anymore. And by following these stages, you will get a return of erections, desires to indulge in sex with a real partner and hence experience pleasurable sex.


Importance of understanding these stages before entering yourself into an abstinence cure. Just keep in mind to yourself that the withdrawing symptoms like no interest in sex or low libido won't last for forever. You have to go through each and every phase. You might face struggle, urge, craving to watch, but if you go through these once, it will definitely help you in countering adult film resulting Erectile inability. Hence an overall or improved sexual life.
Every single woman wants to have glowing skin, long, shiny, silky and manageable hairs. But in day to day life our skin and hairs come in contact with dust, pollution and harmful UV rays of the sun. Due to which we face many skin problems like acne, spots, dark patches leaving our skin looking dull. Here are some simple beauty tricks that every woman needs to know.


Simple enchantress secrets to get glowing skin every day:

Use Moisturizer:

Moisturizer helps your skin be smooth soft and glowing. Moisturize your skin daily in the morning as well as at night. Make sure you choose an appropriate moisturizer according to your skin type. Moisturizer can help prevent and treat dry skin. it can also protect sensitive skin, improves skin tone and it also acts as a temporary barrier for the beautiful skin trick.

Using Sunscreen:

Never forgot to use a sunscreen whenever you are going out because the sun’s UV rays are everywhere. So to avoid these rays to make your skin dull it’s better to use sunscreen every day whether it is cloudy, wintry or sunny. This will not allow the rays to damage your skin and also avoid sun tanning due to which the skin looks dull and darkens in tone.

Eat healthy foods:


For keeping your skin glowing you need to take proper food. Like leafy vegetables, foods which have a good amount of proteins. Fruits and vegetables contain powerful antioxidants that help to protect skin from the cellular damage caused by free radicals which are caused by smoking pollution and sunlight and causes wrinkles and age spots.

Sufficient hours of sleep:

You should take sufficient hours to sleep because it releases tension and helps you look fresh and calm. Your body boosts blood flow to the skin while you snooze, which means you wake up with a healthy glow on your skin. It also lightens your complexion.

Drinking water:

Drinking lot of water is another tip to stay pretty which you need to follow as it nourishes your skin. It hydrates your body. Without water, your skin feels dull and lifeless. Drinking good amount of water removes toxins from your body and keeps your skin supple and glowing. So have a lot of water for having glowing skin.

Clean your makeup brushes:

In A research it is concluded that 72% of women do not wash their brushes and sponges regularly, even though they collect dirt and bacteria which can cause skin diseases.

Remove off your Makeup:


Remove your makeup before going to bed. Leaving makeup and dirt not only clog pores; it can cause excessive dryness and even skin dryness. Most makeup products claim to hold magic spell to beautiful healthy skin secret also contains sugar type molecule which can grow yeast overnight. Also remove your eye makeup properly it can lead to bumpy rashes around the eyes and small white bumps called milt cyst.

Things you should Never do:

Spicy food:

Say no to spicy and fermented food or the foods rich in citric acid or fried foods. Instead eat flavor blended food such as rice, oatmeal, and applesauce. Spicy foods can also have the potential to increase the amount of redness and facial flushing seen on skins prone to these symptoms.

Sweating out:

Don’t skip skin care before and after the workout. You should apply toner to minimize oil production before going out. Your pores open up when you sweat, and that releases the build up inside them. Sweat purges the body of toxins that can clog pores and plague the skin with pimples and blemishes.

Wash your face:


Don’t forget to wash your face and moisturize it before going to bed. For dry skin, you must use a milder cleanser that is free from alcohol.  Apply as much moisturizer and avoid hot water wash as it dries the skin.

Popping Pimples:

Never pop pimples as it can lead to more swelling, redness and even scarring. If you have pimples so just wash it off with the rose water and place a tea bag over it for around 10 minutes. And if you wear goggles or specs you should clean them regularly as it avoids oil from clogging around the eyes and nose. You can also check how to get rid of acne using home remedies.

Avoid Massage:

Don’t forget to have a regular massage of your face. A gentle facial massage with oils can do wonders and another method to amplify your skin. Choose oil according to your skin type, from mustard, coconut or almond as they are excellent nourishing agents which help in getting glowing skin.

Best Tips for Women to get Healthy Pretty Hair:


For fizzy hairs:

If you are suffering from frizzy and unmanageable hair then you can try this simple homemade remedy. Just take slices of 2 lemon and 2 cups of water, heat it up on a slim gas till it becomes half. Pour the liquid into a spray bottle and spray it on your hairs. This will give you smooth and manageable hairs.

Hair Color:

if you want to color your hair naturally and don’t have the time so just take a few springs of rosemary, 2 cups of water and 2 tablespoons black tea and put it on a slim gas until the liquid becomes half of the original quantity. Now add 1/4 cup shampoo and mix the liquid with it. And every time you shampoo use this liquid and leave it for 15 minutes then see the difference in the texture of your hair.

Wash your hair with beer or vinegar:

Washing your hair with beer helps restore moisture to your looks and using vinegar help your hairs look shiny and lustrous. Soak your hair in and of the liquid for few minutes and wash it off with cold water.

These are some of the secrets to stay good-looking which you should apply in your day to day life for having glowing skin and to look glamorous
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