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5 Ways to keep your married sex life fresh?

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Looking for ways to keep your Married Sex Life Fresh? Many Couples expects that their sex lives will take care of themselves and don’t think that there’s some need to put extra attention to the matter. But the truth is totally different – Sex is an important aspect of any relation and needs tending properly like our other activities.

Sex can only improve your marriage life, only if a person realize the power and connection made between the two only because of sex. All you need to realize first boring sex life has got nothing common in a broken sex life.
Given below are some ways to keep your  married sex life fresh that sparks and remain the same throughout the marriage:
1.   Communication with each other: You should communicate with your spouse and let them know about your likes and dislike in a non- truculent way. The more you communicate the more comfortable for you will be in communicating your sexual needs, hence the more you will end up in doing multiple sexual experiments and the more you will enjoy your married sexual life. And remember, when you are married, you are not just only lovers you are best friends; which means you have to choose words with care and respect and approach to each other in a honest and open way.
2.   Intimacy is more than Sex: Gentle touching to your partners in sexy ways not only in the bedroom – a message there, a squeeze here – will let you enjoy the nighttime get-together and even help you in dropping daily bustle life behind. So try to be intimate with each other first. Remember intimacy doest just happen in bedroom only. You need to give some time to your partner.
3.   Try to make special efforts: Too busy is a never-ending excuse used for lack of efforts. So, instead of telling yourself you are too busy, try to make time. Let someone else do your daily husband job like picking your kid up from school, drop cooking food and take your partner to dinner etc. This will allow both of you to relax and knowing each other. Hence this small change in the schedule will make you guys reconnect with your inner thoughts and emotions. Remember small happy moments like a romantic dinner, having a bubble bath together etc are the moments that help in building intimacy that is a basic element to a satisfying and everlasting husband-wife sexual life.
4.   Create a healthy relationship bond: Creating a playful relation is just a good first step. We all know that having products that boost your sexual life can help you keeping your partner satisfied. But why all the good good things happens in bedroom begins and end there. Why not try to do the same in the living room as well. And those who been in the game of intimation for years and become almost robotic in their foreplay and intimacy can also restart their sexual marriage life, by using, for instance candles that melts into a soothing massage oil  and use that oil in massaging each other with love and desire etc.

5.   Override predictability: One of the biggest blocks that happen to romance is the tendency to become a slave to our daily life routine. It’s too easy for couples to get used to not trying new things or even worse, never try to explore new territory lying behind their love circle.  Don’t fall to this kind of stuff. Instead made of the to-do list of things to do or want to try out of the bedroom and place your every dream in a bag. Draw some per week and live your month; this kind of stuff will help you in keeping the excitement in your married sex life.
Whenever this very term “Masturbation” comes many of us lower their eyes, as they have committed a crime. Why so much shyness, you are not doing anything wrong. Apart from its benefits, there are some things associated with masturbation which you might now know you get from this.

Some say doing masturbation give some - benefits, some say them Advantages, but I say- Miracles. After reading what they are you will start calling self-pleasing a magic mantra for all your body overall working. And out of many, 4 miracles which you might not know about doing masturbation or self-pleasure are given below:
1.   Relief from pain- Most of the people don’t relate satisfaction from sex with relief one from the pain, which is actually a shame. After some research, its reason came out i.e., whenever a person masturbates it triggers some release of the hormones that work as a miracle from minor headaches to sore joints, cramps etc. Although the fun doesn’t last when we talk about migraines (even in some people, it relieves them whereas in some it doesn’t). Still, its worth a try and will let you see benefits you will get, which you did not know you will get from self-pleasing activities earlier.
2.   Improves sex with your partner- There a huge contradict on this one as some says, masturbation can improve your sex life with your partner and lead to a healthy romantic partnership, whereas for some sex educators, masturbation is the root cause for the cornerstone of all sexual acts. But if we talk about its benefits then it will be - If you give some time to your body to know better than you will know what makes you reach an orgasm or not, which will further give you the advantage of telling your partners what action you like or don’t. Even if you try practice of mutual masturbation with your partner, you might find out or know new doors what makes your partner wet or more, hence better understanding.
3.   Part of our life: Why shy, everybody does it and everyone doing it. Even according to latest WebMD survey, 95% males and 90% females agreed they masturbate at least once in their lifetime and might not know of its advantages. Whereas 25% of males and 21% of females reported that they masturbate more than once in a month, according to a survey from Indiana University. Although we don’t talk about it, most of us have already done it and many of us are doing on a regular basis. So whoever is worried or ashamed of doing masturbation, just don’t. You are not committing any crime.
4.   Quality sleep- If stress is depriving you of the night, then don’t worry. You just happened to know that there another thing which you did not know about masturbation i.e., it works like a sweet medicine. Masturbation is very well known due to its one of the most effective solution for both stress and insomnia. Even studies showed 42% of women found masturbation helped them in falling asleep. Alike pain relief hormones, there a release of Oxytocin and endorphins which shift a person from stress to calm state and who know it can add some great dreams too.

Seeking self-pleasure is the one innately things for human beings. It can make you feel good about yourself and to your body. 
Who would have thought that there would be some rules for kissing? Irrespective of this fact - whether you deny that there are some rules make for the same or not. You will always finds some who are going through these. So, even if something like that exists so what are the rules of this game?


Well it varies to the situation to situation. So try to put yourself at that situation,then try to think or imagine what you would do? So, lets begin:
1.   Follow the Alpha: It means you just have to do exactly that another person did while greeting you, If you are fine with that. And don’t forget to put the most genuine smile on your face, show you white teeth and even you can extend your hand for a friendly seems shake yet a professional shake.
2.   If you are with someone, your life partners don’t want you to be with, then desist or abstain from him as soon as possible. Alike girls, boys need to do to, so that they don’t spoil the mood of your girl.
3.   Never kiss someone, you never seen before. It would be like too fast much smooch.
4.   Lip lock or French kiss is only for lovebirds or for a husband and his wife.
5.   Be a Consistent Type: Don’t confuse others with yourself by first greeting someone with a kiss and then offer your hand for a handshake will convey a complicated message.
6.   If with your kiss comes a hug part as well, then ensure you only tap on a person back sounds appropriate rather than keep pounding the back like you are burping a baby.
7.   The last but not least, always try to take breath mints or use a discreet toothbrush in order to avoid bad smell before engaging in a kiss with clients as well as with your life partner.

Now, master yourself in these rules. Don’t forget to read the notes mentioned below-

Note: Whenever we speak of the kissing guidebook– this statement or you can say rules you read above are dynamic depending upon a culture and regions in which a person grows up.
Looking for ways to kiss someone at some social functions without causing confusion with your spouse? Has this thought ever crossed your mind that an innocent goodwill gesture would cause so much misperception among family, friends or even sometimes with your husband as well?


When to kiss, how many kissed, Where to kiss- Lips or On Cheeks, Which cheek- Left cheek, right cheek or on both cheeks: All these thoughts many women find themselves thinking whenever attempting a social gathering. Well, this is not with you only. As these thoughts are totally affected by our regions and cultures in which we brought up. No one needs to go through these thoughts in their teenagehood, but with marriage so many things changes, so does our gestures of greeting someone.
Our cultures and provinces dictate those rules for kissing other at social gathering other than your soulmate. As who knows your husband might strike this thought in his mind and leading to some problems in your relationship. So, even after cultures guiding rules, if you find yourself in kissing dilemma, then simply, don’t!
Well, thanks to the corporate world which also plays a vital role in making our decision whether to kiss or not to kiss. And as regions, corporate worlds kissing rules are bit different. As conservative fields like banking and accounting, a handshake is a source of showing respect, where as in the art line, an outstretched arm or cheek is a way of showing- a comfortable relation has been established.
So, there are some things which you need to consider before kissing someone at a social get-together. For Instance, how well you have known that person whether it is from the social occasion, business or friendly affection.
Some General kissing third person cultural rule which you have to follow whenever attending the social meeting without hurting your husband feelings are given below: Keep in mind they are not written o stone, you and your partner can mould them a bit.
1.   If we talk about French and you are going to meet them, they prefer kissing on both cheeks – One on each and you need to start from left cheek.
2.   Whereas Spaniards like the same two-kiss rule, but they start from kissing on the right cheek to the left one.
3.   Whereas Italians are warm and they save their kisses only for close friends or family.
4.   If we need to greet people from the United Kingdom then a handshake and nod are the safest play of showing respect.
5.   And Germans not alike than Italians, They are more reserved, however not object in kissing their family and friends. For them, a handshake is the best option you need to the opt-in front of them.
6.   Africans – they show respect to their leader by kissing the very earth on which he or she has recently walked.
7.   Whereas Americans love to kiss very much, especially south Americans. But don’t get confused with their living behavior as the business protocol is to shake them, not to turn clients into family and friends.

Notes: All these tips are not limited to women only, the same rules apply to men as well. As both genders meet different –different genders coming from different regions. So, there you will find these kissing stranger tips comes in handy.
Are you Waking up at night and finding yourself in the dilemma – whether you should tell your husband about your sexual life or not? This thought crosses everyone at some time.

Marriage is a sacred bond where one promises another to be together in this as well as another life. Getting married to someone means sharing your body as well as your soul. Which also means uncover knowledge about each other for years to come. So, it is obvious to uncover your sexual secrets as well. But if someone has an experience of hearing these secrets too often, for them, I want you to take extra precautions before revealing your sexual past life.
Well, some women in the name of sharing secrets share too much stuff about their old lovers, their preference, positions, threesome and private parts stuff. But all these truths sharing became so pandemic these days, that you life partners starts to think you are really a someone else business, judging only on the fact you did five or 10 years ago.
But you can trust me – you are not a business of others. Everyone plays intimacy games (Games where one share a secret only if other tell theirs) at your own risk. Well, true intimacy has nothing to do about revealing your truth. It's about circumspection.
What happens actually when you share all this? When you bring up your sexual past it doesn’t only bring memories, you also bring the deep competition, jealousy and threat factors with it. It happens, we all think we are too moderate for anything to accept but our emotions are not. For instance, your husband tells you the same, his first love was finest women in North America? Was that you really wanted to hear? So why he would be more interested to know you had multiple orgasms with your bisexual yoga trainers too?
Girls you need to consider this very carefully. As sharing these secrets might turn into a never-ending stomach ache. So why putting questions in your partner head that remains in his mind about your sexually attractive yoga teacher etc? Please, Don’t get confuse yourself with discreet and deceit. Discretion is respecting your's as well as his privacy- it is not like telling a lie. Its like revelation of only required as well as relevant information- but with caution. Thinking about its impact side by side. And Don’t get confuse honesty with honor as well.

I remember a case, where a girl shared with his husband her partner beautiful private part, which makes her husband doubting his and all this cause so many complications and possessiveness in their relation. That they two were had to take divorce. So I don’t want the same to you too.

So instead of talking about what turns you in the past try to talk to your lovely husband what turns you today. And even if your hubby comes up – about your sexual relations in the past and with whom. Simply say, its all faded away, it's only you that matters now. This will make your hubby feel secure as well as a sense of pride. And will make him believe you really looking forward to having a sexual relationship in your life with your husband.
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