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What Is Impotency?

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Impotent as the word speaks for a state of condition in itself. It means a condition where a man is not able to get or maintain an erection to perform sexual activity. It is also familiar with another name of Erection Dysfunction. It is a major risk factor for men as it is the reason for leading cause of infertility in men.


Well, the reasons can be many from a poor, nutritionless diet to a lacking of confidence in themselves. As sometimes, when blood is not able to supply properly to the penis then this condition causes improver erection and hence incapability in males. All the musculature, as well as the nerves, should be able to pass enough or adequate blood in order for a man to sustain an erection along with premature ejaculation.
Today, ED is more common than any of us we think. As it is affecting more than 50% of men, according to the health and safety survey. Level of affection varies according to the age, people of older age, tends to suffer more than the ones who are in their 20’s.

So, what are the cause of inability in men?

As we all know there are several reasons which contribute behind to develop such health conditions. Broadly speaking- Emotional or Psychological, Physical disorders including lifestyle of a person as well. Psychologically because when a man is unable to get it up because of the emotions that are holding him back.
1.   Low Or High Blood Pressure
2.   Diabetes
3.   Bad Cholesterol
4.   Stress, Obesity
5.   Prostate Cancer Or Disease
6.   Heart Patients

The risk of ED increases along with time. The Old the person is, the more the chances are of a person to have an impotency.
Well, according to science, men who are more educated are less likely to be developing this state, as their lifestyle is much healthier than an average person.

Apart from causing inability to have sex, it also causes another side effect like depression, lack of confidence, depression etc.
Is Masturbation really is the reason for your erection disability? Do you able to masturbate but not able to keep an erection strong enough for sex? Do this questions ever cross your mind? Well, if you really think your masturbation can be the root cause?

It’s a common belief now that people think the same. But if you heard or ask from experts, then the answer is “No”, from wherever or from whomsoever you have heard that excessive masturbation can cause erectile dysfunction in men, then you are taking it all the way wrong. Masturbation has nothing to do with it.
ED is a condition when you are unable to keep an erection. So, all you have heard is a myth which is not based on scientifically or medically proved. ED is not a stage which is not triggered only by over masturbation.
Instead of putting the blame, Erection dysfunction is triggered due to over masturbation, we should try to focus on other things as well. There are some other reasons on which you should focus on more i.e., Physical and psychological reason. Men who are suffering from ED usually goes under a lot of stress in their head and hence unable to identify any single reason for their cause. In real life as well, not only a single reason ever found out to be the reason for any health condition. It’s a combination of many and In some case, ED can be caused due to the both – Physical as well as Psychological Reasons.

Physical Reasons involves:

1. Heath issues like High or low blood pressure.
2. Obese
3. Diabetes
4. Drugs Addiction – Alcohol or Tobacco addicted
5. High Cholesterol
6. Heart Patient
7. Cardiovascular disease whereas,

Psychological reasons are:

1. Stress or finding difficulty with a companion in relationships
2. Stress from professional or from personal life
3. Going under depression or other mental health-related conditions

If Going through any of these, don’t find yourself shy and consult your doctor to cure the ED state from the roots itself.
Are you seeking ways for Longer Sex and tired of taking pills all and all over again, everytime you want to have sex? Don’t worry today you are going to learn how to improve your sexual performance and independent of sexual stamina or erection pills.


So, Why Asks for Meds Why don’t Ask Natural Remedies You Can Adopt for Longer Lasting Sex?

 Given below are some natural remedies /tips:

1. Try to control ejaculation with the help of your partner- Well, the pause-squeeze technique would do the trick for you. It is one of the most simple and best natural remedies/method for premature ejaculations.
What do we have to do? Whenever you are at the point of ejaculation, ask your partner to tightly squeeze the head of your penis for several seconds. i.e., the point where the head joins the shaft. When the urge to ejaculate goes away, take a break of 30 seconds and start all over again from the foreplay. So that your penis erects again because of sexual stimulation. You can repeat this natural remedies whenever you are near the climax.
When you repeat this technique many times, you will start developing a sense of controlling for your ejaculation and hence won’t need to do this trick any further. Due to this method, you tune your penis head from old pattern of early ejaculation to longer lasting never-ending sex.
This natural technique would require some time to develop your controlling power but still, it will save you from taking long- time sex medicines. 

What else you can do?

Well, along with squeeze and pause technique there are some perks you can do for prolonging erections without worrying about premature ejaculations.
1.   Make use of your thoughts: First of all, you need to think something about sex until your penis gets erect. Now Try to think something totally different from sex until you penis comes back to its flaccid state. Repeat this natural remedy several times to get better control all over your penis.
2.   Relax Your Body: Whenever you are close to the ejaculation stage. Try to take a deep breath to develop a better sense of control.
3. Masturbation before sex: Some men like to masturbate first before indulging in sexual activity to last long with their partner.
4.   Don’t Act Like A Flash:  You don’t have to enter in her too quickly. You need to be slow. Try to give some time on foreplay. Then Give her your head to help her in getting orgasm first. This behavior would help you relax and make you sure that you are in total control of things over there.

5.   Talk to experts: Try to talk to a medical expert whom you have to tell about your relationship and experiences. As therapists would help you in developing ways to overcome stress as well as reduce sexual anxiety.
Are you cant help with What are some of the possible reasons why excessive masturbation from porn can lower sexual hunger? Well, you are not the first to find, all who are suffering from ED have tried to find out the reason once in their lifetime.

Lack of Libido When it comes to real life.

Well, porn sites are making money only because of its strong ability to arouse – in an amazingly ways. Due to extremely arousal ability of pornography, it might comes difficult for a man to get aroused in real life because in porn they display partners doing sex at much faster and intensive ways whereas it is not possible when it comes to real – as real life can be slow, which makes mind of a man to lose interest in that sexual moment. Even if one gets an erection, he might have to struggle in maintaining an erection and hence in experiencing an orgasm. Due to that, partner feels rejection and hence very less attraction. This results in creating an unhappy, unsatisfied cycle, hence pushing man to turn to porn and masturbate for arousal and orgasm etc.

2.   Lack Of Confidence

Porn definitely affects a man’s Self-esteem and potentials. As porn creates an unrealistic or an imaginative viewpoint about what a man believes he and his partner should look like. More often, men starting to compare themselves with porn male stars and feel inferior because of inability to arouse women in the sexual performance as much than the male actors in the films. All of this makes psychologically difficult for a man in the separation of the fantasy world with the real one.

3.   Reality Become Less interesting

Over possessing porn can make the reality seems boring. As porn allows men to choose a different variety of categories and choose whichsoever they find that turn them on – fantasies which one may not be able or too embarrassed to share with his real-life partner. This is the root cause due to which one cannot share what arouses them. Hence, leading the couple facing sexual trouble.

4.   Real life propose Low Visual and Audio Stimulation

Adult Films offers numbers of graphical scenes and the ability to switching quickly between scenes. This heightens libido. But When it comes to real life, due to the involvement of touch and texture stimulation, everything is much slower. It’s not possible to experience audio and visual stimulation. This can put your mind in a state of mental correlation as what so ever you expect while watching sex adults totally opposed to having sex in real life.


Excessive masturbation from porn can make you enjoy from digital media much more than having sex in real life. So, if you are going through all these, then you should also read how to overcome porn-induced ED. Plus it increases the expectation of men, and make them pick any category which would arouse them- which is different from reality as reality doesn't always offer categories.
Are you following the steps told in earlier posts and want to know how much time is it takes to reboot your mind or we can say reset your mind to dissolve porn caused effects. Well, if you are following our steps of recovery, then it is something you should know in advance that it’s nothing like waving a magic wand and all the damage done to your mind already done would be reversed.


As all medicine have a course period of time which you need to follow in order to cure a disease. The same type of patience will be required while countering this health condition as well. As one has been a victim of this condition for a long time or if we talk about those who have been watching porn since their childhood. Then guys, you definitely gonna need a lot of time.

Well, there are some who recovered from porn-induced erection dysfunction within a matter of a week. But all of them shared one common feature in them i.e., they have not developed a long-term porn addiction. Most of them were elder men, who were exposed to porn later on in their life. While there are others who took 3-6months to regain proper healthy erections. While there are some young men who started porn at very early age might take as long as 9 months in recovery process.

And Because of quickly accessibility of porn over the internet, relapse is more often seen in the young audience.

Factors that are affecting recovery includes:

  • The influence of abstinence should be consistent.
  •  From what age one is watching porn?
  • How frequently, a man masturbated while watching porn.
  • For how much time one is using porn. (As porn addicted users, finds the Erection rebooting phase very hard and relapse).
  • Which Category of porn used for the sexual stimulation.  (If there was not one specific, then the more the time it will take to reboot your sexual performance).
  • Type of masturbation used

For More Frequent and Best Results. It is suggested to share this condition with your partner. As keeping secrets from your loved ones only increase the distances between the two. So, be together and help each other in fighting this health condition.
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